Mist 'Invalid Params' rendering wallet completely useless.

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Hey everyone. Hope all is well.

I'm very concerned. I just updated to the latest Mist, and something isn't working right. Ubuntu 16.04, with Parity (--geth). Mist version 0.8.2 (tried reverting back to earlier versions)

Initially I spent hours and hours through the night trying to remember my password, as every time I entered it it came up with an error 'Invalid Params', which I assumed was a password error. But turns out it's not, it's something else entirely that I can not pin point.

I've tried deleting my chain folder and resyncing. Don't know what else to do really.

Pretty gutted, as this wallet was full of my first blocks I've ever managed to mine. Please tell me I'm doing something horribly stupid to make it say Invalid Params and I'll soon be able to attempt my passwords again.

Thanks for reading :smiley:
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