I'm starting a company and plan to use ethereum to its fullest, seeking legal help!

Basically I plan to sell products for ether and also plan to use a smart contract system to manage all funds. I'm savvy with all technical aspects except the laws... does anyone know where I can get advice, resources, or other info on the laws regarding doing this. I want to be open and do everything legally if possible and I would be excited to use ethereum. Any help is very appreciated!


  • ethermine_rocksethermine_rocks Member Posts: 228
    Awesome idea but you have to be more detailed if you want any help.
  • ytriusytrius Member Posts: 26

    Awesome idea but you have to be more detailed if you want any help.

    Which details do you need? Thanks
  • SkyStalkerSkyStalker Member Posts: 5
    My advice: f the laws. Use Tor / proxies / VPN's and free hardware (Libre Tea coming soon) to conceal yourself from the evil empire and IRS.

    Call me a tin foil all you want, but they took our gold before, and with how Bitcoin is trading i'd say it won't be long before they take that too. Those of you in the know, probably know that we are put on a list for using exchanges like Coin Base (although we don't ever mention this, because we need exchanges to drive the market cap...)

    Most lawyers will tell you that what you're trying to do is illegal or stupid anyways. For example, how do you pay employees? Did you know you're only allowed to pay with cash in the United States? This might be a problem.

    If you do decide to use this model though, IRS tax form 1040 MISC is used to report taxes related to crypto currencies.

    I think most established corporations who try to convert to Ethereum for investors would face extreme difficulties. Best way to avoid this? Anarchy baby! Or becoming a non profit, I don't know how it would work exactly but my gut tells me starting a non profit is the key to getting away with this. Oh and my gut is always right. Esepcially considering the Ethereum project is a Swiss non profit (which is different, but you get the idea)
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