Boyise's RX480 (REF) BIOS V2 - DUAL Mining



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    Thanks for the info @boysie. I guess I just didn't get the best batch of Samsung memory chips.
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    @boysie If i flash with the windows BIOS and try to boot with ethOS will I have problems? Likewise if I load the linux BIOS and try to boot windows will I encounter errors? I checked out both in bios editor and only big thing I noticed was the Linux bios gpu mv was in the 65xxx and in windows 8-900s
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    I've got two xfx gtrs with only one installed and bios moded. It gets 30.5 Mh/s with 1338 core / 2185 mem.
    Setting the memory any higher than that doesnt seem to net a performance increase, just more memory errors.
    Also I don't care much about power so core runs at whatever.
    Card runs stable at 68-69 with fan set to auto - usually 36-45 % .
    I was going to hed back to the store and give back these xfxs for sapphire nitros(since they are 40$ cheaper/card) but the card seems to perform very good. That bright light is too bright though.
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    I flashed the Linux settings over to my reference MSI 480 and booted up ethOS. Only setting was pwr 7. Fluctuating between 26.84-28.6mh. After an hour I looked at the screen and it had artifacts/locked up. I restarted and turned monitor off for now so I'll see if it happens again.
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    Ok got one of my MSI 480s with modded bios running at 28-29mh on ethOS for almost an hour. Been waiting for this. I used to get 24-26 fluctuating all the time and now it's looking stable. 1266/2250 both at 1000mv. Temp at 70c fan static at 85%. Will try to lower core clock/undervolt once I know for sure it's stable.
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    Two noob questions here. Is "Reference" the cards that were initially released? This is the card I have:

    Is that a Reference card and can I use this bios? Also where does one get the Polaris editor?
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    @cascadia_coin That is a reference card, yes. You can use this bios on it for sure. You do not need Polaris to use it, just get ati flash.
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    Is there anywhere a step by step (from scratch) guide to do this?

    I would like to OC, but I am not an expert and for what is my understanding there are different steps explained on different threads atm, and I wouldn't like to make some mistake and burn my GPU's.

    It would be great if someone could summarise a complete step by step list here.
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    @boysie it would be great if you could help

    I have managed to mod. the BIOS of my ref rx480, but I have 2 questions:

    1) can I exit the test mode on win10 without causing any crash and how? (which command?)

    2) what are the best settings in wattman to make sure that the cards have the lowest consumption possible and that they run as much stable as possible around the 31mh/s? Core, memory, fan, and temp? (at the moment they are varying between <24 and >30, which seams quite a lot)

    PS: also the all process was fine with the first 2 cards, but with the 3rd one it looks like it is not working. Just after flashing the BIOS the screen has become white. Any idea? How can I solve this?

    Thank you for you help
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    any of you guys please will be nice and share the original Heliox roms? they are down in his main post for some reason >.>
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    i have different values on GPU (like 65288), what to do ?
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    boysie said:

    v2 for you all


    31.25MH - ETH
    334MH - SC
    DCRI 22
    31.25 = 1180/920 2250/1000 (I used 2250/920)

    TEMP: 75c @ 100% fan in a hot room
    EDIT:(Cool room this morning and 75c with 50% fan)

    Power: 180w @ wall using EVGA 850 P2 230v @ card = 169w (using mem @ 920mv)

    Optional: power on mem can be dropped, some go as low as 900 maybe more...most I find wont go past 920 but find your optimal with out crashing, default as always is 1000

    win and Linux ver attached, numbers quoted from windows...Linux may find you get less...

    I have provided 3 versions

    1) Windows 31.25
    2) Linux 31.25 (number maybe less)
    3) Windows 31.5 (seems unstable on some cards so use with caution) Lower power than v1

    This rom would prob work on a 1050w output PSU with 6* 480s but try at your own risk.

    Have fun


    PS: Windows 31.25 rom has options to up the mem speed so if not sure you can handle 2275 speed test it before flashing 31.5 which is set to default to 2275.

    Need help

    Can someone tell me how to configurate Claymore Dual miner for Linus Min Cinamon?

    Thanks in advance
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