Boyise's RX480 (REF) BIOS V2 - DUAL Mining

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v2 for you all


31.25MH - ETH
334MH - SC
31.25 = 1180/920 2250/1000 (I used 2250/920)

TEMP: 75c @ 100% fan in a hot room
EDIT:(Cool room this morning and 75c with 50% fan)

Power: 180w @ wall using EVGA 850 P2 230v @ card = 169w (using mem @ 920mv)

Optional: power on mem can be dropped, some go as low as 900 maybe more...most I find wont go past 920 but find your optimal with out crashing, default as always is 1000

win and Linux ver attached, numbers quoted from windows...Linux may find you get less...

I have provided 3 versions

1) Windows 31.25
2) Linux 31.25 (number maybe less)
3) Windows 31.5 (seems unstable on some cards so use with caution) Lower power than v1

This rom would prob work on a 1050w output PSU with 6* 480s but try at your own risk.

Have fun


PS: Windows 31.25 rom has options to up the mem speed so if not sure you can handle 2275 speed test it before flashing 31.5 which is set to default to 2275.

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