FS: Gigabyte R9 390 - $250 + s/h

Dukenukem117Dukenukem117 Member Posts: 6
I'm looking to sell my R9 390 which I purchased last October. I'm not a miner and this isn't my primary graphics card. I do CAD most of the time, so I had a firepro and the radeon both plugged in but only one of them being activated at a time. I would guess that my R9 390 was being used only about 15-20% of the time, so it shouldn't have much wear.

$250 + s/h

I'm new here so here's my old heatware profile if that helps.


GIGABYTE Radeon R9 390 GV­R939G1 GAMING­8GD 8GB 512­Bit GDDR5 PCI

I also have a W7000 Firepro that I'm thinking about selling if I can find a buyer. PM me if interested.


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