Alpereum higher difficulty ports - why should I use them?

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@BitcoinSuisseAG @MrYukonC @work - this is a question about the stratum ports that are listed at - I was wondering what is the advantage (to me) of using the higher difficulty ports? For example, one of my two rigs is now hashing at around 145mh/s so I pointed it at port 3002 as the page instructred but what difference will it make to me?


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    First off, thank you for mining with Alpereum!

    The lower the target difficulty, the more shares you will be submitting. However, flooding the pool with shares is not always in your best interest as a miner either. Certain types of mining software can have issues, bandwidth utilization is increased, and in general it's just a waste if you use too low of a difficulty for your miner. If you have over 100 MH/s you should be on port 3001 at least (1 billion difficulty).

    Port 3002 (2 Billion Diff) is fine for your 145 MH/s rig, but some miners may prefer stay on 3001. It is really dependent on your setup, latency, software, and personal preference.

    We at Alpereum have conducted many tests about share submission rate on our own miners/pool and have concluded that the ideal share submission rate is approximately 1 share submitted every 10 seconds. If you have 100 MH/s and are in a perfect, controlled environment with no hashrate fluctuation you should be able to technically submit 1 share every 10 seconds on port 3001 (1 Billion Diff). Keep in mind this is for mining on Alpereum, we cannot speak for other pool setups.

    If you are unsure of what difficulty you should use, we recommend you mine on port 4001. Port 4001 is our Variable Difficulty (VARDIFF) port. It will factor in your calculated hashrate overtime and automatically choose a difficulty so that your mining rig is submitting approximately 1 share every 10 seconds.

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    Thanks for your response. If I use the VARDIFF port, does my mining software have to support this feature explicitly or is it automatic - I mean do I have to specify any flags to set my miner to work with VARDIFF?
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    All popular mining software works with our VARDIFF. Claymore, Ethminer-Genoil, Dwarf Pool's Eth-Proxy, and QTMiner all work properly with VARDIFF.

    No special flags are required, simply connect to port 4001.
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