Someone's selling Ethereum T-Shirts!

It's on teespring so it's probably legit, I've bought from them before.

They need at least 3 people to buy in order for them to ship so I thought I'd post it here. Is there even any interest for this?


  • weenstonweenston Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2016
    Dope but I wouldn't spend 20$ on it haha. Maybe like 1 ETH.
  • Starr15Starr15 Member Posts: 0
    Ethereum T-Shirts are really good. I liked it a lot. For my work outs I too have to buy the apparels within my budget. The tank tops and leggings seem perfect to me so if anyone here is selling this stuff at reasonable rates, please let me know. I would surely be contacting as soon as you provide the details.
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