(solved) Where are Ethereum blockchains stored on my Windows PC?

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I have run multiple ethereum programs, mist, ethereum wallet, geth.exe, and I can't seem to find where these applications are storing the blockchain data. I have a feeling that some of them have duplicate copies of the blockchain and taking up way too much space. Could it be the hardfork has caused some of my programs to use different chains? I really want to clear the mess and just stick with ETH. My wallet for example is running very sluggishly (I can't even get it to load the blockchain) and I'm having disk space issues. I would like to uninstall everything and start fresh but I don't want to lose my wallet address's and I don't know where they are either. I'm much more familiar with bitcoin storage structure but ethereum is a little different. Thanks for any help.

I backed up my address's from the keystores file under the ethereum folder which, in Windows, is stored at C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum .
My hard drive layout is a smaller SSD for C drive and a larger HDD for main storage drive. The nifty thing I found is to put a link at that location to some other folder where the files actually go (such as on my HDD). I backed up my keys, deleted all ethereum files, created a link between the default location and the location on my HDD drive where I want the blockchain stored, and redownloading the new hard-forked chain.
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