High uncle rate at Alpereum

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Hey there miners and poolers....

I recently switched my hash power over to Alpereum, mainly because it's ETH only and doesn't pool that ETC crap-coin. That's just my opinion about ETC so please don't get your flame throwers out. This decision was largely due to the influence of @MrYukonC and his wise YouTube videos and comments here. He's been mining for much longer than me and I respect his opinion.

Anyway, Alpereum has recently increased its hash rate considerably. That's fine and good - I like to see a pool getting bigger that isn't in China or Russia, but I also noticed quite a few uncles in the recent blocks list. Then I looked at the stats at https://etherchain.org/statistics/miners and noticed that it has an uncle rate listed at 30% which seems pretty high to me - but I don't know why or what "causes" uncles quite as well as I should. Isn't it when someone mines a block just after someone else already did? Or is that an orphan?

Can anyone of the smarter than me (like @work or @dlehenky for example) people here tell me why a particular pool may have a high uncle rate? Is it just bad luck? Or bad network setup? Or the relative distance of their pool servers to the rest of the network or other miners?


  • MrYukonCMrYukonC Member Posts: 627 ✭✭✭
    @newmz One thing to keep in mind about etherchain's stats, is they are only based on the previous 24 hour sliding window. If you look at Alpereum's self-computed uncle rate over the life of the pool is ~10% (105 uncles / 1042 blocks), which is meh -- not great, but not horrible. The recent increase in hashrate might have something to do with it, or it might not.

    Let's see what @work thinks.
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