OK guys, WTF just happened?

I seriously was freaking out because I thought I got hacked. My ETH wallet had approximately 15.8 Ether in it, and I noticed a transaction not initiated by me was sent in the amount of 15 ether to a wallet not under my control. I immediately moved my mining operation to a new address (controlled by a ledger S nano). I got to thinking why did the hacker leave .8 or so ether? It didnt make sense to me.

A few days ago I had sent exactly 15 ETC from the same wallet to another address, and I'm not sure why it dawned on me to check, but I did, and sure enough the 15 ETH went to the same address as I sent the ETC to the day before (luckily to somewhere I may be able to get it back from). The ETH transaction was not sent by me, and the PC that it could have been sent from was off. So, I turned it on, and it even needed to sync for like 5 minutes to sync the last few days. Then I also noticed the transaction ID on both the ETC and ETH transaction were identical?! WTF, how does that even happen?

Luckily I know who I sent the ETC to, and they should have the corresponding ETH keys to refund me, and I have confidence that I'll get it back, but how could this happen?

ETH transaction not sent by me a few hours ago:

ETC transaction sent by me 3 days ago:

Did I just win some sort of ridiculously improbable lottery because the numbers seem far lower than powerball odds of this happening, does this kind of thing happen, or did I do something wrong?


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