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    The Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8Gb can make eazy 31/32+ Mhs
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    Just my 2cents ... I belive there are differend sapphire nitro rx 470 8gb cards outthere. I know for a fact, that there are at least 2 (Hynix and Samsung memory). And the code of the manufactur is important too? for instance on 1 site i was a tutorial how to get 29-30 MHs for samsung, but than again for hynix i saw on the same site that is able to achive 30+ MHs.
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    Is there a trick to get afterburner to show voltage settings again? The voltage monitoring disappeared when I moved the cards to the new motherboard. I checked the boxes to unlock, but does not work this time.

    Am setting up my first AMD rig, RX470's. I am using the blockchain drivers, bios mod, patched drivers and afterburner. (some cards are nitro, some are mining edition nitro)

    With voltage settings in afterburner, I was down to 65-67 watts each for a nitro RX470 @ 27-28MHS stable.

    Without the voltage control settings they are hogging 87 watts each in GPUZ.

    If successful, 65 watts each 470, which is more like it!

    Tried trixx, it's a pile. Won't save when rebooted? Have to manually set additional cards every reboot.

    Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated!

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    JustCause said:

    Does anyone know who to tell that OC settings is "safe"?

    I have RX 470 Sapphire Nitro 4G (no+) with Hynix memory and i can go as high as 28.8 without any errors or mining stops.

    Here is image:

    Temperature is ok, Fan speed is ok, but how to tell that GPU is not "overclocked" or set high values? There is no overheating also.

    Also, how to use underwolt options correct? When i lower CoreClock power usage goes down. Is that enough or correct option for "underwolt"?

    what bios mod did you use? my sapphire rx 470 nitro+ oc with hynix memory, only can get 26,5 mhs.
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