Potential Payout or Wallet Issues

GoobyPlsGoobyPls Member Posts: 1
Hey Miners,

I am very new to Mining Ether as of about a day ago and I am having an issue with the payouts. I would be delighted if someone had some suggestions to help me out! I am currently using Genoil with a GTX 760 at about 10-17 mh/s and have followed all setup instructions provided by nanopool.org and ensured my wallet address/worker/email are correct.

I've mined for about the past 12 hours and have not yet received any payout. I noticed on the nanopool.org/account for the address I'm mining for is beginning to collect a balance but still nothing under the "Payments" tab. I am also using the MyEtherWallet plugin for chrome to watch my balance as they go up, but still have not received any payment. Am I missing something or does this just take time to process?

Much appreciated!
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