Which GPU will be best mining ethereum

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I'm living in South Africa, and most gpu's here are quite overpriced, and I want to order a few from abroad. The gpu's I have looked at for eth mining are the RX480 (8GB), R9390 (8GB), R9380 (4GB), R7370 (4GB) and I can get them at these prices:
  • 2x RX480 Sapphire Nitro+ ~775$
  • 2x R9390 Sapphire Nitro ~800$
  • 3x R9380 XFX R9 380X DD ~620$
  • 4x R7370 Asus Strix ~480$
I have read a lot of people saying with the increase in the DAG size, it is better to get a 8GB gpu. Considering power usage and increase in DAG size, will it still be viable to get the R7370 (considering the low price) or should I rather go for one of the other options?

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  • newmznewmz AustraliaMember Posts: 299 ✭✭✭
    Are the 370s the 2GB kind or 4GB? Don't get 2GB cards. I would think that maybe the 480 is a good option because it is lower power and in particular because, being such a new card, it will hold it's value much longer if you want to resell later on. I buy used cards a lot and I have seen the prices of the older cards start to drop quite a bit since the release of the 480. You don't need to get 8GB cards because by the time the dag ever gets that big we won't be mining ethereum anymore.
    The 390s will be easily the highest hashrate but they consume LOTS of power. Lately I have seen used 390s on ebay for around the US$230 mark, but that's in Australia and we too pay a lot for GPUs. Not as much as you guys though!
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