Ethereum presales wallet action after hard fork?

I'm a bit confused following the news and guideline after the hard fork:

"All users who had ETH before block 1920000 now have both ETH (the fork chain) and ETC (the community effort to continue the no-fork chain)"

I invested in the Ethereum presales years back and never touched it since then. I'm a long term believer in Ethereum project. But I'm not sure about the ETC chain, I don't want to be/stay on this train. Following the hard fork activities it is not clear anymore what happened to the original presale wallets. Do I need to take action to import my json file it into another wallet? Do I still own 100% of the current Ether (ETH) value or is there action to be done to convert some ETC to ETHs? Due to the the trading price difference on ETC/ETH I'm concerned there could be an unrecoverable loss already.

Couldn't find documentation on this. Thanks for any help!


  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    Your Ether is in exactly the same state and place it has always been. It simply exists in two places now, on two sides of a blockchain fork. So if you had 100 Eth, you still have that same 100 Eth but you ALSO have 100 ETC. If you don't care about ETC, then nothing has changed. If you had a lot of Eth and therefore a lot of ETC now, you might want to use a ReplaySafeSplit and send the ETC to an exchange to sell it.
  • dirksterdirkster Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply! OK, no action needed now. Great! With the current value of ETC being less than 15% of ETH why should anyone bother to mess around with the same quantity with a lesser value?
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