speed jumping

dns963dns963 Member Posts: 26
using 2X r9 390 on win 7 /claymore 5.3
is this normal?

from time to time one gpu goes to 25mhs from 31 mhs. never both at the same time.

hash.jpg 104.4K


  • hushabubahushabuba Member Posts: 45
    You may have overlooked too high. I have a 390x and can get about 33.1 MH tops. Try testing with default values and if it works then only over clock incrementally until you find the sweet spot. Also if you are dual mining with claymore you may need to increase the power limit because dual mining does cause more stress on the GPUs
  • dns963dns963 Member Posts: 26
    i`m using only eth mining, so far worked good with the 4.5 version and same settings
    might be the new version of the miner?
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