Mining ETH only( not dual mining): wich miner do you use?

sennevbsennevb Member Posts: 103
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I was wondering wich miner people are using to mine only ETH?
Am using claymore atm, but the dev fee is stupid since i only use ETH for mining atm.

Wich cards do you have (amd or nvidia) and what miner are u using??
Just ethminer or something else? (ethminer is slower because of DAG creating??)


  • sennevbsennevb Member Posts: 103
    all too busy mining??
  • shutfushutfu Member Posts: 320 ✭✭
    i still use claymore for mining eth-only. Claymore miner gives me a 6-10% boost in hashrate over other miners, but it could just be the closed sourceprogram inflating the numbers.

    Anyway, this 6-10% boost is more than worth the 1% dev-fee, which you can actually get around if you know what you are doing apparently.
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