Lost ether between one computer and another

clslafterclslafter Member Posts: 1
If there is someone that can assist me, I would really appreciate it.

I had a 0.7.2 ethereum wallet running on my MacBook OSX 10.11.5. The wallet only downloaded blocks upon startup, and very slowly. At the beginning of this week, I downloaded Mist 0.8.1, and was having the same problems, so I removed the chaindata to activate the fast mode. It has been four days without re-starting, and I was finally only 100K blocks away, when it became unable to connect to peers.

In the meantime, I downloaded the Ethereum Wallet 0.8.1 on my iMac to try to open up the same account on both computers. While starting up the ethereum wallet, rather than creating a new account, I dragged my keystore file into the pre-sale wallet spot. Now, I show no ether in any account on either computer. Incidentally, neither computer has been able to fully download the chaindata.

Ideally, I'd like to find a way to get my ether back and figure out why I am having trouble downloading the blocks and running the apps.

Help is appreciated.
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