SOLD: EVGA Platinum P2 1000w - used less than 14 days at 60% power

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| This is sold thanks. |

It looks like this thread has become a bit of a marketplace, not exactly its intent but here goes.

This PSU was ordered new from Newegg on June 28 and used to power a rig with 2 Sapphire R9 390s from July 10 to July 22. Typical power consumption was 570-600w. There are zero issues with this PSU - I would use for a production rig without thinking about it. I'm changing over to a single 1300W PSU rather than a 1000w+1200w for my new rigs. Price is $165.00 or ETH. Shipping from Missouri. Going out of the country on business on July 30 - if sold after that there may be a 5-day delay to ship.
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