Does Ethereum make Namecoin obsolete?

RubenAnthonyGVRubenAnthonyGV MiamiMember Posts: 2
It is my understanding that Ethereum is a platform that will allow for various applications, contracts and cryptocurrencies to work under one ecosystem. Cryptocurrencies like Namecoin will be very easy to create on Ethereum (5 lines of code), does this kill currencies like Namecoin once Ethereum is Launched or can they port over to Ethereum?


  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    Generally we probably want to protect existing domain names from hoarders, extortioning by withholding the name.

    I reckon the neatest way is to just have a Merkle tree just sell all names as usual, but if you buy one in the list, we can use a Merkle path that it is, and take it back if the domain-name owner shows up. The gui should warn you if it is on the list, I suppose. We'd also want to have a mechanism to give up that power once the domain-name owner is happy. (we'd have to check, that is potentially going to be a lot of work if we really get popular..)

    Really dont quite understand the user of .org, .net, .com, etcetera.. Not sure if that would be taken over? Might, though.

    I also expect there will be sub-domains, and these can have their entire own system. That could including mirroring namecoin with the same Merkle tree approach, if the ethereum team decides not to do it.(but you would be in a subdomain)
  • jskyjsky Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2014
    from what i understand Ethereum wants to be currency agonostic, so namecoin will probably come to ethereum. Obviously namecoin already has assets, and should persist, rather than starting from scratch again. so i guess if anyone is planning on implementing it then they should partner with namecoin.
  • JoshuaJBerkJoshuaJBerk Brooklyn, NYMember Posts: 12
    Ethereum's chief goal is to become more hospitable to applications precisely like Namecoin than other blockchain-based systems. Network effects will come into play for non-monetary DAPPs and one might expect that if enough momentum picks up, Namecoin might even port it's efforts onto the ETH infrastructure.
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