DwarfPool - Not Counting Shares

YipYipYipYip Member Posts: 5
WTf is happening on dwarf as the proxy is share accepted share acceptwed and stats r showing 0
and no earnings for last 90 mins ???

Swapping to ethpool for now :(


  • EtheresEtheres Member Posts: 76
    They may be having issues with their front end? Your more than welcome to come and try us at https://etheres.com we have 0% fees until the end of October and our stats update every 10 seconds :smile:
  • kruisdraadkruisdraad Member Posts: 61
    dwarf is having issues for over two months now, myself (and others i know) left them for another pool
  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    Indeed, we've been seeing constant issues with dwarf not counting shares for a few months now. Use a different pool, you should earn more anyway because dwarf doesn't pay miners for uncle inclusions or transaction fees.
  • shutfushutfu Member Posts: 320 ✭✭
    don;'t use dwarfpool. Worst pool, by far. Only popular because they've been around and people don't know any better.

    I use miningpoolhub. But Ethermine.org is also fine. Don't use ethpool unless you have a very high hashrate
  • EtheresEtheres Member Posts: 76
    Seems like a few people having issues with dwarfpool, there are multiple others you can try.

    miningpoolhub, ethermine, f2pool, nanopool etc all have a rather larger mining base also if you dont wish to try us at Etheres.
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