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tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
So I've set up ethminer and have it running perfectly currently using this command
ethminer -F -G --opencl-device 0
with my Radeon RX 480 I'm getting ~22MH/s when checking the status of my miner with
It shows my Hashrate. But It does not show any active workers!!! Did I screw up by using .rig1? Does it just take awhile for my worker activity to show? I've been mining with this command for over 2 hours now and the status still shows no activity. Yet clearly there is connectivity or it wouldn't know my Hashrate! Any help from those using ethminer and would be appreciated.


  • TermieTermie Member Posts: 130
    just remove the "/22".
  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
    doing so gives me an error, failed to submit hashrate. Also when I look at ethpools documentation they say to have that parameter
  • dr_pradr_pra Member Posts: 445 ✭✭✭
    You are not submitting any valid shares. I recommend to switch to a stratum enabled up to date miner (claymore, genoil). Also mining under win10 is known to be problematic.
  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    Don't use getwork; use stratum.
  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
    thanks guys, I've switched to qtMiner and using this command
    qtminer.exe -s -u 0x84C1462102caF1D86A1655E67351887a7F5736F2.rig1 -G --opencl-device 0
    I'll report back within a few hours whether or not ethpool is receiving valid shares. (I guess it takes 2 hours for it to see this?) -Also I didn't delete/regen my DAG since the switch, hopefully this wont cause problems
  • dr_pradr_pra Member Posts: 445 ✭✭✭
    Usually your worker should be visible withing a few minutes. If not something is wrong with your mining setup (dag files, drivers, etc..)
  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
    hmmm.... well it isn't drivers (or it wouldn't detect the card as an opencl device), I'm going to delete the dag files and regen them with qtminer. So just to get you right, if I have at least one "Got Work Package" complete than it should show my worker has received shares on the ethpool website?
  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20

    Well, the DAGs are made, and it looks like its running but still doesn't show any shares or active workers on Could it be my wallet? I'm using a wallet I made from Would trying with a geth wallet be a better option?
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  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
    So It says on the ethpool site that AMD crimson edition 16.x has problems receiving valid shares and to roll back to 15.x. Only problem is there is no Crimson Edition 15.x for the RX 480. Yet many people are mining with this card, so how can this be?
  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
    Should I just move to another pool? is this a problem with Ethpool and aMD 16.x drivers? Because clearly people are mining with this card, I've seen rigs using 6 of these cards going. And other sources showing this card working fine. qtminer seams to be working fine! but the stupid pool isn't getting the shares.
  • tantonjtantonj Member Posts: 20
    Okay update! I think I got it working! I switched to Genoil this seams to be working with the 16.x drivers. But if you look at this link
    it IS getting solution found! and updating my account's credit. Also with this I am getting better Hashrate, so Genoil all the way!!!
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