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  • c2n14c2n14 Member Posts: 22
    EU server update?
  • AggressionsAggressions United StatesMember Posts: 11
    How would my config file loom if I'm using ethos software to connect to your pool
  • EtheresEtheres Member Posts: 76
    Hi all, I appologize for the lack of visibility lately. I have been helping on several projects and making sure Etheres has been running smooth in the background.

    Updated have been pushed back a little but I have more free time now so be sure to keep checking back.

    Im in the process of replying to PMs and questions that have been asked.

    In the mean time enjoy your 0% fees and ask any questions if you have any!
  • ethermine_rocksethermine_rocks Member Posts: 228
    good luck with that. I salute to your patience, I see your pool suffers the faith of 99% smaller to ex mid pools of all hash being swallowed by dwarf, ethermine or ethpool I just fail to see the point. Ethereum mining community has become so centralized (which is exactly the opposite of what it should be) that its just ironic.
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