What are the attributes of the transaction object {}?

I know it has `from`, `to`, `value`, `gas`, `gasprice` (i think). Anything else and where is it defined?


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    @startstar from the Javascript API wiki

    web3.eth.sendTransaction(transactionObject [, callback])
    Sends a transaction to the network.


    Object - The transaction object to send:
    from: String - The address for the sending account. Uses the web3.eth.defaultAccount property, if not specified.
    to: String - (optional) The destination address of the message, left undefined for a contract-creation transaction.
    value: Number|String|BigNumber - (optional) The value transferred for the transaction in Wei, also the endowment if it's a contract-creation transaction.
    gas: Number|String|BigNumber - (optional, default: To-Be-Determined) The amount of gas to use for the transaction (unused gas is refunded).
    gasPrice: Number|String|BigNumber - (optional, default: To-Be-Determined) The price of gas for this transaction in wei, defaults to the mean network gas price.
    data: String - (optional) Either a byte string containing the associated data of the message, or in the case of a contract-creation transaction, the initialisation code.
    nonce: Number - (optional) Integer of a nonce. This allows to overwrite your own pending transactions that use the same nonce.
    Function - (optional) If you pass a callback the HTTP request is made asynchronous. See this note for details.

    String - The 32 Bytes transaction hash as HEX string.

    If the transaction was a contract creation use web3.eth.getTransactionReceipt() to get the contract address, after the transaction was mined.

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