[Ethercasts] Make It Rain (Ethereum Tipping ÐApp walkthrough)

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Joris shows Joel the Ethereum version of the previously demonstrated Doge Tipping app. Live demo and code walkthrough of smart contract and JS bindings.

Make It Rain ÐApp (open in AlethZero POC5)
GitHub sourcecode:

Support addresses for EtherCasts:
Bitcoin: 1FCD6yRnK4F8PHkS165ejCBxcSzRmgx6aS
Dogecoin: DUGKd7yJcxdZretg5CGSR3hEjv9YEQfxsA

Joel Dietz - https://twitter.com/fractastical
Joris Bontje - https://twitter.com/mids106

Electrodoodle & RetroFuture Clean by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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    Really any command that any person can send that requires trust in that person not sending it, implies trust over-all. Overlooking such features like suicide-sending to the owner is kindah funny 😉

    I like writing tests! At least some of it is like 'playing with it' except instead of just looking if values are correct, you write it down so you can sometimes keep the usefulness what you did then.

    Note: probably next time zoom in so the code isnt so small on screen.
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    Good catch on the zooming; we'll improve that next time.
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