Categories, grammars and metrics.. contents distros? guetos?

cocococo Member Posts: 2
hi, i am new around

without fully getting it all i risk to question

if there are da*s and contracts making freely done, wouldn't we reach a point of offering sets of 'useful' da*s and contracts?,
contracts could be made grammar for trade, grammar for sharing, grammar for being related to a x dax, grammar for trust... and be labelled with some buzzword for identifying preloaded recommended sets of content, no?

same for categories on i.e. trading types of objects or social activities groups.

what i reach is this ontologies being able to create new ones and all being crowdsourcedly reviewed (and cross-relating items), but this is maybe still old internet way of things. however i see that i would like an activist social network browsing experience, without relying in pure folksonomy nor having to browse what my cousins are doing for their birthday or want trading.

i have some research done in such categories, grammars and metrics, but i'd like some tip for knowing where they fit here for focusing my further work.. i'm non much technical sorry if messing :(
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