"Recommended" Dapp UI Pattern?

I was wondering if any of the following UI patterns for Dapps were emerging as "recommended" or "correct" within the community as more polished Dapps start to come online?

A. Locally installed client (web based or native) that only communicates with a locally running ethereum node. Example includes the Mist wallet itself.

B. Web based client accessible at public URL where the Dapp communicates to a server run node, and users generally have to deposit eth into an account. I believe Augur is an example?

C. Interfaceless app where users only interact with the contract via the commandline, or Mist Wallet interface.

I see cases for all of the above, but has any general pattern emerged yet wherein people believe anything like "It's not a Dapp unless everyone's running a local client communicating only to a local node?"

Does the cloud based option only exist for convenience of access to a broader user base, but it isn't really a distributed application since it has the central point of failure?

Is the cloud based option totally ok, since the documented contract interface still lives on the blockchain and anyone could create their own UI implementation on top of it?

Curious to hear people's thoughts or see links to any previous threads where this is already discussed (first time poster here!). Thanks.
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