Distributed Loans Provider

krasi69krasi69 Member Posts: 2
I would like to start a project for Distributed Loans Provider. Here is an example for distributed loan:
"If Jim needs a loan of 100$ he can take 50$ from Nick, 30 from George and 20$ from Stephen."
The registered users will be divided in two groups:
- loans providers
- loans requestors
Every requestor can submit e loan request and he will collect the money from one or several loan providers.
The users will use the main crypto currencies for their money transfers:
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Mastercoin, Ripple
More crypto currencies can be included in the future.

I have 3 domains registered for this project:

Everybody with experience in Ethereum programming is welcome to join. The Ethereum distributed
platform is excellent for this purpose. I can help with web design & development, Internet marketing,
software testing and financing for this project. I live in Toronto ON and I am open for meetings with
people in GTA.
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