My Ether Bank (contract) - deposit, withdraw and transfer ether with no charges!

Hello Ethereum community,

I have published a new smart contract at address 0x096133503887a77e524f2690bA6AAe2Fa66B032c

The contract is called My Ether Bank and it gives users the ability to safely and securely deposit, withdraw and transfer ether with no charges.

Contract information and full source code is available on GitHub -
Etherscan contract verified -

If you have any questions or issues with the contract then let me know here or send me a email (support email address below).

Consent Development
Support email - [email protected]

This smart contract is free to use but donations are always welcome :smile:
Donate Ether - 0x65850dfd9c511a5da3132461d57817f56acc1906
Donate Bitcoin - 36XRasACPNEvd3YxbLoWWeUfSgCUyZ69z8
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