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Do the unit tests in the github repository successfully run for anyone?

I check out the github.com:ethereum/cpp-ethereum.git and the github.com:ethereum/tests.git repositories, I can build and run the unit tests. But the test defined in vm.cpp and txtTests.cpp both fail when I run them.

$> testeth --run_test=basic_tests
*** [ 11:45:07 | main ] Testing VM...
*** [ 11:45:07 | main ] arith
unknown location(0): fatal error in "basic_tests": std::runtime_error: value type is 6 not 1

From looking at the code and the JSON, it doesn't seem that the test cases in the json files in the 'develop' branch of the tests repo have all the parameters that the code in vm.cpp is looking for. This makes me think that these unit tests won't work for anyone.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

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