[PARTNER] - We can build a new kind of “money” altogether

YangNationYangNation Member Posts: 1
Hello Ethereum community,

My name is Yang. I have an idea to found a non-profit organization and establish a new global value system (no, it’s not an alt coin) based on Blockchain Technologies.

Because it will help solve many of our social problems.
An introductory video has been made for this project:
If you like it, head to the website to learn more: www.actionmark.org

A list of similar Blockchain projects has been compiled: http://www.actionmark.org/about-us/partners/ However, they all address part of the bigger problem.

A preliminary list of system requirements has also been compiled for the Minimal Viable Product: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IIWIcTMLu6E_hdbeJBf2iKZ1zEC-BK5cr8-Q-6ibVEg/edit?usp=sharing

I need some technical consulting for this. My question is: technically, what is the best way to build the Action Mark Value System, from scratch or upon any of the existing projects?

What’s next?
This is not a casual endeavor. I am looking for a technical co-founder who has the will and skill to take this project to completion. Ideally, we would live in the same city - Shanghai.

Currently, I am also seeking funding and collaboration. If you know any good sources, please let me know. This would be much appreciated (likely upvoted with my personalized actionmarks in the future ;).

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