2 GPU's, 1 of them underperforming

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Windows 10
2 XFX Radeon R9 380 2GB
ASRock H81 Pro BTC LGA 1150
850W rosewill glacier 80plus bronze (powers only graphics cards and usb riser cables)
430W corsair (powers everything else)
Claymore Miner pooling with ethpool

I just started mining last night. I have 4 r9 380 gpus but I'm waiting for some 8 pin to 2x 6+2 power cables in order to get power to all 4 of them. I started with just 2 in order to test and make a little money while I wait. As seen in the image below, I have one running around 20.5 MH/s and the other only running around 0.6 MH/s.

Any suggestions as to why GPU 0 is underperforming this much? Also is 20.5 MH/s a normal hashrate for my card? I know it only has 2GB of memory but idk how much this affects the hashrate. I've tried overclocking the cards through both the Radeon Graphics utility and Claymore miner itself. I've had success with stability (rig is pretty quiet and the temps generally stay below 85 C) but I don't know if I'm missing some setting to make sure all my GPU's are functioning at maximum capability.


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    Try using MSI afterbuner for setting the clocks and voltage. You can have it set so common cards have the same settings.(global settings) Check device manager and see if both of the GPU's are detacted and drivers are installed. You might be mining with the onboard GPU, in BIOS set PCIe to default.
  • maslowprojectmaslowproject Member Posts: 3
    Thanks I'll try this out when I get home and leave an update
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