Could ethereum solve both exploitation and assure work efficacy?

Imagine an new graduate searching for a marketing job and gets a job at a small startup company...

The job seeker may feel since its a startup, he could be exploited by paying less salary for the hard work he does.
The company may feel that the new recruit may not be upto their expectations in reaching the sales figures.

There is a serious trust deficit on both the sides...

So could ethereum smart contract with DAO be a solution here by putting a contract that at the end of the month this much X sales figure should be reached to get n amount of salary to the employee..

That completely solves the issue of trust deficit....or am I missing something.


  • SomethingSomething Member Posts: 10
    Even with the contract you described "n amount of salary" may be too low or "X sales" may be unachievable.
    IMO the free market solved this problem: if the under-appreciated employee doesn't like it, he can leave. One of reasons he has a chance to get this job is precisely because he's willing to assume some extra risk and work for (relatively) less. :-)
  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    The free market 'solved' the problem, but that completely ignores wether or not we can do better. Given our position that's lazy. I think what @cuddaloreappu can indeed be done, if sales/effectivity can be measured.(and isnt likely to be manipulated) Of course the market position of the job seeker doesnt magically improve, he will have to accept less pay if sales/measurements come out badly. (I am not a fan of labour as a market, too much stickiness, and too little concern for concentration of wealth.)

    If the job seeker -Bob- knows someone who has money and believes in him -Alice. The latter could invest by paying some of Bobs wage, in exchange for getting paid by the employer, if it works out.
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