code running two GPU in qtminer

amirheavy666amirheavy666 Member Posts: 14
For running with Two GPU what i must write? which one is correct?? please correct it exactly, if they're wrong. thanks

qtminer.exe --opencl-device 0 --opencl-platform 1 -s asia -u (my walletaddress).rig1 -G -t 2


qtminer.exe -s asia - U mywallet address.rig1 -G -t2



  • meatologistmeatologist Member Posts: 44
    Unless you have GPU's in your rig that you don't want to use for mining, don't bother to specify the number of cards, i.e. remove the -t 2

    This should set you right....

    qtminer.exe -s -u {wallet address} -G --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16384
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