Serpent compile error and how to link the serpent compiler to Geth?

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I can run the serpent compiler on the command line, when I dont provide any arguments, it asks for command inputs (either "parse", "rewrite", "compile", "assemble").

I tried to compile the example:
def double(x):
using serpent compile, however I get the error:
Error (file "", line 1, char 12): Not a function or opcode: def
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::string'
Aborted (core dumped)
What's wrong with my source code?

Also, I would like to keep working with the geth-1.4.6 console and link the serpent compiler to it (solidity compiler is working). How do I do that? When I try to run


I get
The method eth_compileSerpent does nto exist/is not available
I only found how to link the solidity compiler (using eth.getSolc)

Help is greatly appreciated.


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