AlethZero WebKit don't know how to open site

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to start writing some Dapps in AlethZero, but can't find any text box to get a webpage. I am following this this tutorial, in which there is a text box that they put the url of the html they want to display, and it displays on the screen. I can't see any of this - this is what I see:

Am I missing something? What can I do to open a webpage in AlethZero?



  • tehildertehilder Member Posts: 3
    @MattyAB I'm glad I am not the only person mystified by the lack of a web browser in AlethZero. It looks as though the browser was removed a few releases ago, which renders the tutorial rather useless. Does anyone know what is going on here? How is anyone supposed to get started developing and deploying Dapps?
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