How do people know that a miner didn't lie (wrote a fake output) after executing a smart contract?

mimoomimoo Member Posts: 2
In my understanding, verifier verify the execution by executing the code themselves and comparing the output.

But it looks like some smart contracts can have different value according to the time they were executed. For example Vitalik here ( ) talks about a smart contract that would query bloomberg for something's value. That would probably be a different value according to the time you're executing the smart contract.


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    @mimoo The winning block is canonical. So whatever 'view' of the transactions/contracts that the winning miner had is hashed into the block header. All other miners then verify that hash against the transactions in that block. If it checks out, then the block is accepted on the chain.
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    I'm not sure I understand your answer. I'm talking about verifiers executing the smart contract to see if it was executed correctly by the miner. I'm not talking about the proof of work.
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