Ethereum Deposited Using Bitcoin Not Showing

jlindley9jlindley9 Member Posts: 1
On 6/13, from Mist, I went through the "Deposit using Bitcon" option. My BTC are in Coinbase and as far as Coinbase is concerned, the transaction is confirmed. But, the Ethereum are not showing in my wallet. I tried looking up my address in Etherscan, but it also shows 0 Ethereum. Any idea?


  • rycharlindrycharlind Member Posts: 1
    Was this issue ever resolved? The same thing just happened to me twice. I am using the Ethereum Wallet OSX App. I went into my "Main Account" and selected the option "Deposit using Bitcoin". I also used Coinbase to transfer the funds. I got a confirmation message from the Ethereum Wallet that the funds were transferred successfully but my Ethereum Main Account still shows 0.00 ether.

    However, when I do check Etherscan, the funds are there. Why would they show up on Etherscan but not in my Ethereum Wallet? Do I not have something configured properly on my Ehtereum Wallet?
  • figmentfigment Member Posts: 7
    I also have this problem - payed using the "Fund with Bitcoin" option and I can see the transaction on the Bitcoin end but nothing in my Ethereum wallet.
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