Malformed block ( class eth::InvalidTimestamp ).

I decided to try this out and I'm getting a problem (I think?)
When I run the command line "eth" program I repeatedly get :-

*** [ 20:43:07 | eth ] Mined fd4b97f3da747ef221388b76abc08b2ff0ba0dcda1ede7e48dd
424c0f4cf9a20 (parent: e7d7bcd1c20ef7dbcaa496656e66cc82b2cb7c86e44d5430d8e4c493a
89ef0d9 )
=B= [ 20:43:07 | eth ] Attempting import of fd4b97f3da747ef221388b76abc08b2ff0ba
0dcda1ede7e48dd424c0f4cf9a20 ...
=B= [ 20:43:07 | eth ] Malformed block ( class eth::InvalidTimestamp ).

Over and over every minute or so.
Is this a problem? and if so any idea what the cause might be?
From the message I suspected the clock on my machine but it's set correctly.

(I'm a c++ developer so I'm willing and maybe able to look into it but I've not even looked at the code yet I'm so new to this).

This is the latest windows build from for windows running on 64 bit windows 8


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