Sapphire Vapor-X 280x for sale

big_MIKEbig_MIKE Member Posts: 84
I am offering at discount on forum for $150, if no one interested it will go on eBay. It still has a lot of hashing life left, as it was just used in office PC. Never OC or under/over voltaged.

I hooked it up last week to mine, and it works greats while running cool.


  • big_MIKEbig_MIKE Member Posts: 84
    Ran at 17mh on all weekend. Fan speed set to auto, runs mid 60°. Computer has windows 8.1 with 15.12 AMD drivers, and used qtminer with basic commands:

    qtminer.exe -s -u 0xCf43A2595A0ABBA878B0765bD8Fe54b0765A842C.test -G


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