EtherScripter - "Tooth Fairy" - An Ethereum contract and subcontracts, social magic.

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Using the drag and drop visual development environment, "EtherScripter" by @mode80, (message mode80 for entry into the EtherScripter Beta test), affords us the opportunity to reach, to look, to see further into Ethereum; to seek our own magical self through our practice of writing smart contracts executed by the Ethereum project's codebase engine(s), to practice and develop our smart contract writing abilities and to share that development in whatever way we might, (at this point), with others.

For those of us that enjoy visualizing program flow and program architecture, to assist us in developing creative constructions driven by code, by programming logic, EtherScripter, (and its development), is clearly a potential tool of great value for those that wish to take advantage and journey deeper into the ether.

When EtherScripter affords functions to users where a project can be persistently shared, in the style of shared whiteboard, where EtherScripters can gather together and author smart contracts together, we can certainly begin to see the value of the GUI interface, EtherScripter.

At this point in the development of EtherScripter sharing our work in EtherScripter to a broader audience, seeking assistance, pulls and additions to some smart contract, some contract's codebase, is an exercise in creativity which gives mode80 a great deal of Beta input. No matter what your observations might be in this discussion, at some point in the continued refinement of EtherScripter comments will, at the very least, have value to you, as you examine and think about EtherScripter, this GUI model for creating Ethereum smart contracts, and the creation of Ethereum smart contracts.

Risk is its own reward. The most satisfying game might only be described by the nth iteration.

The "Tooth Fairy" contract is social magic that might be distributed, might live, in the ether and can provide the Ethereum project with a smart contract, and smart subcontracts, which:

- Suspend belief affording those who do not, cannot, or do not want to, understand "code", or for that matter contracts, with a visual representation of some social magic in which they can be involved, in which they can celebrate some social condition that spans all of humanity.

-- "Let's go visit the Tooth Fairy in the realm of Ethereum" ... mum might say.
-- A smart contract user, participant in a "Tooth Fairy" contract or subcontract, is afforded the ability to draw on deep social context, social metaphor.
-- A layer of user interaction where a social script is already in place guides the user.

- Provides an Ethereum contract example which:
-- is age, sex, race and culturally agnostic
-- is charitous
-- is inexpensive (with significant code optimization), and Gas to run contracts is a donation model.
-- can be accessed through a web or smartphone frontend, (social network)
-- has "social magic", incorporates racial memory and long standing folklore
-- can be felt at a visceral level, (the loss of a tooth, a rite of passage)
-- can be fun, (game theory)
-- brings "game theory" and "smart contracts" into the same space
-- makes available a distributed, cultural, social networking context for the continued execution of contracts
-- can be re-monetized through advertising, incentive to participate, (eg., free toothbrush, dental exam discount coupon, etc ...)

This OP screenshot of the "Tooth Fairy" contract v0.001a, (generated in the EtherScripter drag and drop interface), is provided in this OP as a loose, bare bones representation of what the "Tooth Fairy" primary contract MIGHT start to look like as implemented in Ethereum, at this point it is far more flawed than anything @mids106 and Joel could ever imagine, ;-). This is experimental, a learning exercise. This representation incorporates some python like program thinking, (think lists and dictionary iteration), into the framework of LLL upon which EtherScripter GUI is presented at this time.

The "Tooth Fairy" needs your assistance, she is a magical being and does not understand the Ethereum she wishes to live within, does not understand code, or contracts, she only understands reward.

The "Tooth Fairy" encourages you to build modules in EtherScripter, take a screenshot of your module that might satisfy or serve as a development step for the primary contract or any subcontract that could be pointed to by the "Tooth Fairy" main contract. Just a few lines of EtherScripter GUI blocks to address one issue in the entire contract can be more valuable than attempting to grow a new set of teeth all at once.

"Tooth Fairy" is used here, primarily, to get you working in EtherScript and to present your ideas so that mode80 will have Beta feedback and can continue to develop the features and functions for EtherScripter that might best serve the development of writing smart contracts in Ethereum, and of course, to give @Vitalik, @Stephan_Tual, @gavofyork and other principals involved in the creation of the codebase that is the greater Ethereum project some insight as well as to the level of understanding of the current participant set in this forum and their needs and desires for the development of Ethereum.

Additional thinking and outline of the "Tooth Fairy" contract using the language of commercial contracts can be seen here:

It's all a draft, it's all experimental, your input, your creativity has value. We are the game.


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    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad it's inspiring creativity.

    Right now I'm "upgrading" EtherScripter to support the upcoming the POC-4 and its many changes. Once that's done, I think this would be fun to build in the new version. I will take a crack at it then as form of testing if you like.
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    Yes, let's wait until the POC 4 is released. Lot's of things are coming together in the Ethereum project. I'm going to work on understanding Vitalik's recent refining of the python functions for assigning and calculating operations executions fees so that a "gasMeter" can be built that will calculate fees and display a running total as one builds a script in some high level language, and what that script then costs to run in terms of fees per bytecode operation execution.
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