[DApp] Let's bet on the Euro Cup 2016 Winner !

Let's bet on the Euro Cup 2016 Winner !

This DApp allows you to bet on any team playing the EuroCup.
If your team make it to your first place, you will get all the losing bets proportionally to your amount invested.
The minimum betting amount is 0.1 ETH, if you are lazy to follow the contract, just used EasyBet:
Send you bet amount ending by the EasyBet value of the team (ex: 1.219 ETH to bet on Spain).
Contract Address: 0x1F36f2249eC89266Ad4EE4351538148aaEBc72e8


-- EasyBet --
An EasyBet feature has been set-up to allow you to bet without adding the contract.
Each team is assigned a unique decimal called EasyBet:
0.022 for Turkey, 0.008 for Germany, 0.007 for France, 0.020 for Sweden...
If an amount is received on the contract without calling a specific function, the contract will match the decimals part of the amount sent with the EasyBet unique decimal and bet on the according team.

-- Rules --
There is not much rules, the contract is kind of straightforward.
To be fair, bets are only open until the beginning of the competition: the 10th of June.
The minimum amount is 0.01, and a 3% fee is taken on each bet.
Once the final has been played, a function allowed the creator of the contract to defined the winning team. Then, you can collect your earnings by sending a transaction to the contract or though the contract function 'collectEarning'.
If you win, the global amount received by the contract will be splitted proportionally to the amount you bet on the winning team.
For example, if Spain wins and there are 3 ETH invested (include your bet of 1 ETH), you will get (1 / 3) of the total amount bet on the contract.

-- Contract --
You can find the contract at 0x1F36f2249eC89266Ad4EE4351538148aaEBc72e8 and verify it on EtherScan.io : http://etherscan.io/address/0x1F36f2249eC89266Ad4EE4351538148aaEBc72e8#code


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