New Merchant Here .. running node have question please help.

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Hi guys, I am very new to ethereum coming from bitcoin rpc background.

I wanted to see how easy it would be for our club website to accept ether and allow people to withdraw ether just like we do with bitcoins.

In Bitcoin we simply run bitcoind and json rpc calls to 'Create New Address' for deposits of btc which we query and use wallet notify to trigger query .. very simply all done via rpc and php on the node server. For withdraws we simply use rpc to sendtoaddress and bingo done.. we are using easybitcoin library to acomplish this.. So far all is good.

For ethereum we setup and synced our node and envoked the geth -rpc .. and are able to get address balance for the root acount but that is where the fun ends.

Is there an 'easy' way to accomplish this with Ethereum? ..'getnewaddress' 'walletnotify' 'sendtoaddress' via our ethereum php json rpc like we do for bitcoin? Been at the API section and I dont see any getnewaddress there I do see send transaction maybe that would solve the send part? Sorry I'm really clueless I'm more of an app level guy and this stuff is kinda confusing.
fyi.. I'm using for my rpc calls.




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