Introducing Skyrus (need javascript testers)

ytriusytrius Member Posts: 26
So this is a very experimental project that I didn't have much direction with, but now with all the ethereum Js libraries I decided to go ahead and tell people about it. It's a sort of browser scripting environment with heavy emphasis on dynamic GUI, and can act as a browser 'OS' of sorts. You can log on, save and load any text, including script. Ultimately you can customize the entire page to function however you want. This can be developed as a very dynamic ethereum blockchain interface. Currently I think there needs to be more layers from the base functions I've provided to the end user, but for javascript tinkerers this is a good chance to start developing tools and find bugs. It's hard to explain exactly what it is but I think as you play around you'll get an idea. A very basic guide I just uploaded to my blog here. It's quite possible too early to release this but since all the tools are there to start developing I thought why not.


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