Ethminer appears to be working, nothing is showing in nanopool.

North_North_ Member Posts: 1
Hey there,

I've been using Ethminer for approximately an hour or so now, it seems to be running correctly but nothing is showing up within nanopool. I've been trying to check my current hashrate on the site, however it's stating the account has not been found. I'm almost positive that I have everything all set up, it's finding solutions. I believe I've found about four or five over the last hour or so.

miner 03:36:08|main Mining on PoWhash #1713fc52… : 25893869 H/s = 108003328
hashes / 4.171 s
miner 03:36:09|main Mining on PoWhash #1713fc52… : 25890765 H/s = 123731968
hashes / 4.779 s
03:36:09|main Solution found; Submitting to
i 03:36:09|main Nonce: 41aa032c4d2941b9
i 03:36:09|main Mixhash: fbae4822ba62b8056f7680ba091dd970b0c96b6d1b737275c

That's an example of one of them from the logs.
I've been going through multiple forums for the better part of the last half hour trying different solutions but to no avail.

Does anyone know why this might be the case or have any advice on what I should do to try and fix it?


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