How to present Ethereum

radixpraxradixprax Member Posts: 13
Hi all, I am hosting the Asheville, NC Ethereum Meetup and am putting together a presentation with three goals, describe how Ethereum is a force for peaceful global change in a positive way, present Ethereum as a ( potentially risky ) investment opportunity ( that determination coming from a non-financial professional ) for those who missed out on Bitoin, and to inform individuals about what Ethereum is, describe the team involved and go over the technical aspects ( in my limited capacity ). I am reaching out to locals who might be interested in adding presentations of their own.

I am interested in talking with others about my plans and getting some feedback, I am especially interested in the opinions of official Ethereum team members. If there is a desire about how to present Ethereum or a philosophy to especially relate i want to know. So, monday night from 7 - 10, I will be in the skype channel for anyone who wants to engage with me. I am also open to feedback here in the forum of course.


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