6 Sapphire R9 390x Best Operating System and Settings for Ethereum mining



  • hari7246hari7246 Member Posts: 3
    and one more thing what is that power consumption of R9 390x is 300W or more i dont no please tell me that is that 1000W is inaf or 1200 w need i dont no
  • shutfushutfu Member Posts: 320 ✭✭
    @hari7246 its 300w per card under full load, without undervolting. Also 470$ for a 390x is a terrible deal. I'll sell you all the 390x you want for 460$ :D
  • indytimindytim Member Posts: 123
    Hi folks. New to mining and have components on order for two rigs with 6x Sapphire R9 390s. I've ordered Intel G3260 3mb dual core 3.3Ghz CPUs and the Asrock H81 BTC mobo. It looks like many folks are running dual core but I'm wondering if a quad core would be better with the 390s. Not sure what CPU util looks like on these rigs.

    I'm undecided on OS. I had planned for Ubuntu but after reading this thread, might go to Win10. What Win 10 version - Pro?

    Any recommendations on the CPUs?

    Thanks and best.
  • Techman34Techman34 Member Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    @indytim CPU is not important to mining ETH, most go with a G1820 or G1840.
  • thompson2020thompson2020 Member Posts: 1

    How is anyone wiring their rigs with dual power supplies? Should all the powered risers come from from the psu that is powering the motherboard or should the risers be connected to the psu that is supplying the card, or doesn't it matter?


  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    @thompson2020 if you're using power isolating risers (e.g. the USB ones), a given card and its riser should be powered by the same PSU. If you're using non-power isolating risers (e.g. ribbon cables without cut wires), you should power all risers with the same PSU that powers your motherboard.

    Make sure you have a common ground between your 2 PSUs (e.g. with a 24pin Y cable that connects power-on-signal and ground wires).
  • midoprincemidoprince Member Posts: 198 ✭✭
    fuck 250 W for 32 MH
    while u can make 95 ~ 100 W on Rx 480 31 MH
    but good job bro
    i rally like your rig :)
  • LindblumLindblum Member Posts: 24
    What hardware would you recommend for a 6x XFX r9 390x? Would it require two psu?
  • luyznascimentoluyznascimento Member Posts: 3

    citronick said:

    5 x MSI R9 390 with CDM v4.4 = 150MHs
    AF settings: -100mV, 1050, 1125 = 30MHs per GPU

    Is CDM Claymore as well? Seems like it, and also what OS are you using?
    Running Claymore´s v.10.0 with just one MSI R9 390X GAMING 8GB. Hashrate of 30.450 Mh/s. Is this the maximum to get from...?
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