Solidy is installed but can't see it in the geth compiler. This is on Ubuntu 16.04

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Geth console outputs:

I0601 15:31:56.663260 common/compiler/solidity.go:114] solc, the solidity compiler commandline interface
Version: 0.3.3-0/RelWithDebInfo-Linux/g++/Interpreter

path: /usr/bin/solc
solc: empty source string
at web3.js:3119:20
at web3.js:6023:15
at web3.js:4995:36
at :1:1

I am getting an empty array instead of ['Solidity']. Am I missing anything?

Installed solidity through: sudo apt-get install solc
output for which solc: /usr/bin/solc (added this to PATH)

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