Got an Idea? I can make it happen. FREE Service for first 3 clients!

I present, my Ethereum Contract Consultation Service.

I believe ethereum brings a new frontier of how we do business. Ethereum enables business models that could not exist before, while enforcing strict rules of solid code that are unbreakable. As these developed systems grow, you might not want to waste time learning the details of programming bytecode contracts. I am very familiar with programming ethereum contracts and sometimes the details affect how you design your contract. The Ethereum instruction set is rich and enables almost any functionality, however that can also mean steep learning curves for people that just want to get an idea implemented. For that reason, I offer my consultation service which includes communicating with you and ultimately writing up a contract and interface and help you deploy it ASAP.

How it Works
If you have an idea you would like help with implementing, please PM me on these forums. We will agree on a time and method of communication. I will offer 1 hour of discussion on the agreed time/method. In that time, I will determine the project's complexity and feasibility given my personal time constraints and abilities. Since this is a brand new service and I have no client base or history, I am offering the first 3 clients FREE service, assuming simple to moderate project complexities. I still offer service to more complex projects but I will estimate an amount to charge in $, which can be paid via any cryptocurrency.

What Kinds of Contracts?
Custom digital assets with whatever functionality you want!
A custom organization or company with a business model limited only by your creativity
Gambling services,
Multiplayer games,
Whatever you can come up with!

Send me a PM if you are interested! Remember, first 3 clients are free, and in general earlier clients will get lower service costs in the future. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will happily answer them!
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