Blog down? seems down since yesterday, or is this only at my side?


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    It's been patchy. Still seems down but they were doing work on the site yesterday so might be related.
  • eBiteBit Member Posts: 1
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    Over the past week, I have tried at various times to access the forum and/or blog and one or the other has been down more often than not. I know these guys are busy and they certainly have my admiration for what they are trying to do but perception matters. They must pay more attention to detail or they will harm their credibility. That would be a shame given the excellent start they've made on the road to Ethereum

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  • southerncrosssoutherncross Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for bringing the subject up eBit.
    I personally have had numerous problems just registering and accessing the forums alone, along with "patchy" links to various sources of information.

    I appreciate that there is a lot happening and that much talent is being expressed on important matters but as eBit stated, perception does matter.

    If the crew can't manage to streamline a simple thing like membership of their own forum and ensure that relevant information is timely and readily accessible to all those interested then what does that tell the layman about the organisation and technical skills of a potential BTC 2.0 ?

    No official response on the Forum to the alleged Scam account of Vitalek , No links to the Miami launch for people to spread from on the forum, very little direct engagement overall with members of the forum even via a third party.

    Word of mouth is no doubt the best marketing tool in the book but the base of ordinary people such as myself need something to spread the word with, something to respond with when asked about scam accounts, failed registration and lack of "Official" info on what's happening.

    Maybe YOU Ursium could get on board and become Ethereum's marketing agent ?

    I'm literally a complete newb to the Crypto world but I know how to search the internet for things that interest me and you yourself have been my number one go to person for Ethereum information even here on the forum. I think that in itself say's something about the lack of direct news feed from the founders in that you have become the defacto information portal.

    To put it bluntly from an Aussie, team ETH needs to get their marketing shit sorted, Bitcointalk rumours and innuendo is just not cutting it, The news needs to come from here on the forum first and foremost.

  • ddink7ddink7 Member Posts: 49
    The Founders may have decided to enter a pre-IPO "quiet period" to avoid future accusations of hyping the product. FWIW, I haven't seen anyone criticize the tech, only the fundraising. So if it were me, I'd get the fundraising out of the way and once I had a good start on code, would start hitting the marketing hard. Remember, we are months away from an actual launch, so there is plenty of time for marketing.
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