Getting started with the web3 framework

robot84robot84 Member Posts: 1
I am having great difficulty figuring out how to use the web3 library.

I want to build a simple web app that has a text box, a button and a label. When the button is pressed, the label is set to equal the account balance of the address in the text box. Simple right?

The problem is that I don't know how to get all of the details right. This includes all of the things that I have to include in the index.html file as well as where to put the web3 files relative to index.html. I am getting errors left right and center. Please do not leave any steps out in your answer.

The ideal solution to this ticket would be to point me somewhere where I can just write "git clone " into a git bash and then from the cloned repository, click on the index.html file and have a working app without any dependencies elsewhere whatsoever. This would tell me exactly how web3 integrates with a webapp which so far has been a tough thing to figure out.

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